4th Congress of Minimally Invasive Surgery

4th Congress of Minimally Invasive Surgery

Hotel Marriott, Al. Jerozolimskie 65/79, Warsaw
26-28 September 2024


Respected Guests,
Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Scientific and Organizing Committee of the 4th International Congress of Minimally Invasive Surgery we have the great honor and privilege to invite you to participate in this event in September 2024. The Congress is important for the community of Polish surgeons, constituting a forum for exchanging experiences and at the same time an opportunity to get acquainted with the current knowledge and problems related to the rapid technological progress in minimally invasive techniques that constitute the basis of modern surgery.
Taking into consideration the current geopolitical reasons and war in Ukraine and as well as the expectations of invited guests and medical companies supporting the organization, this year's edition of the Congress will be held in Warsaw on September 26-28th, 2024. Traditionally, lecturers from both Poland and abroad, outstanding experts and specialists of international renown, representing various branches of surgery, were invited to actively participate in the Congress.
The scientific program includes 10 sessions devoted to minimally invasive abdominal surgery taking into account the extensive clinical experience of lecturers as well as presentations of the latest treatment techniques, including artificial intelligence technologies. As in previous editions, the 4th International Congress of Minimally Invasive Surgery in Warsaw is an excellent place to exchange views, establish friendship, professional cooperation and personal contacts.
In addition to substantive participation in the Congress, it is also a unique opportunity to learn about numerous tourist attractions in Warsaw and, more broadly, Polish tradition and culture. Detailed information about the program and organizational matters can be found at www.kongreschmi.pl.
Once again, we cordially invite you to participate in the 4th International Congress of Minimally Invasive Surgery in Warsaw.

 Chairmen of the Scientific and Organizational Committee

 Prof. Grzegorz Wallner                                                             Prof. Wiesław Tarnowski




I Sesja Ordynatorów

  • Udział przedstawiciela MZ dr Marek Kos.
  • Prof. Tomasz Banasiewicz – wyniki badania ankietowego / publikacja PPCh – projekt nowej opcji edukacji chirurgii.
  • Prof. Grzegorz Wallner „Trudności z realizacją szkolenia specjalizacyjnego w zakresie chirurgii ogólnej”
II Sesja Ordynatorów

  • Prof. Rafał Stec „Spersonalizowane leczenie nowotworów jelita grubego”
  • Prof. Zbigniew Lorenc „Wybór strategii leczenia zabiegowego lub chirurgicznego nowotworów jelita grubego”
  • Prof. Michał Pędziwiatr „Naucz podopiecznych tak by byli gotowi odejść, traktuj tak by chcieli zostać. Rezydent – asysta czy samodzielny operator?”
  • Prof. Marek Szczepkowski „Wskazania do stomii protekcyjnej w operacjach raka jelita grubego”
I Sesja Pancreatic MISsurgery – Thursday

  • Teaching modern pancreatic surgery. -Dr Jony van Hilst (Amsterdam, Holandia)
  • Polish consensus on pancreatic surgery. -Prof. Piotr Richter (Kraków, Polska),
  • Standardization in pancreatic surgery. -Prof. Sławomir Mrowiec (Katowice, Polska)
  • Adenomatous neoplasia in the papilla of Vateri endoscopic and/or surgical resection? -Prof. Elena Rangelowa (Goeteborg, Szwecja)
  • Endoscopic treatment of complications of acute pancreatitis. -Dr hab. Mateusz Jagielski, Prof. UMK (Toruń, Polska)
II Sesja Liver MIS Surgery      

  • Glissonian or extra-Glissonian approach in laparoscopic liver resection. -Dr Stefan Stättner (Munchen, Niemcy)
  • Hepatic hemangioma – to do or not to do. -Prof. Luca Aldrighetti (Mediolan, Włochy)
  • PL-MILS. National register of minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery. -Prof. Michał Grąt (Warszawa, Polska)
  • Pros and cons for laparoscopic ALPPS. What are optimal options for staged hepatectomy? -DrChristian Oberkofler (Zurich, Switzerland)
III Sesja „Hepatobiliary MISsurgery”      

  • Fluorescent Cholangiography: dosage, timing and how to improve visualization. -Dr Ludovica Baldari  (Mediolan, Włochy)
  • Extended liver resections. -Prof. Michał Grąt (Warszawa, Polska)
  • Minimally invasive treatment of cholangiocarcinoma. -Prof. Luca Aldrighetti (Mediolan, Włochy)
  • Bleeding during laparoscopic liver surgery. -Prof. Michał Pędziwiatr (Kraków, Polska)
IV Sesja Future in surgery 

  • Bionic pancreas – the future of pancreatic surgery. -Prof. Michał Wszoła, (CMKP Warszawa)
  • Augmented reality – the future modern surgery. -Dr Christian Heiliger (Monachium, Niemcy)
  • AI progress in surgery – what are new directions? -Prof. Konrad Karcz (Nurnberg, Niemcy)
  • When surgery is not enough in pancreatic cancer. -Dr Teresa Macarulla Mercadé. (l'Hospital Universitari Vall d'Hebron a Barcelona, Hiszpania)
V Sesja Abdominal Hernias MIS surgery - Friday

  • Anatomy of the anterior abdominal wall – Dr Yohann Renard (Reims, Francja),
  • eTEP for ventral and incisional hernias. - Dr Victor Radu (Bucharest, Rumunia)
  • TAPP for ventral and incisional hernias - Prof. Kryspin Mitura (Siedlce, Polska)
  • Endoscopic anterior component separation – Prof. Maciej Śmietański (Gdańsk, Polska)
  • SCOLA for diastasis recti in postpartum abdominal wall insufficiency – Dr med. Mateusz Zamkowski (Gdańsk, Polska),
VI  Sesja Bariatric surgery 
Sesja Sekcji Chirurgii Metabolicznej i Bariatrycznej TChP
Prowadzący: Piotr Major, Jacek Szeliga, Michał Janik

  • Ethics in bariatric surgery – Dr Ashraf Haddad (Amman, Jordania),
  • Reversal of bariatric procedures (when and how I do it). -Prof. Bart Smet (Leuven, Belgia)
  • Gastro-gastric fistula after RYGB – Prof. Piotr Major (Kraków, Polska)
  • Bariatric suregry as a „Bridge therapy” – Prof. Wojciech Lisik (Warszawa, Polska)
  • Endoscopy in contemporary bariatric surgery – Dr Michał Spychalski (Brzeziny, Polska)
VII Sesja The future ofsurgical endoscopy

  • ERCP -present challenges and future perspectives. -Paraskevas Gkolfakis (Athens, Grecja)
  • Therapeutic EUS – new possibilities in surgical endoscopy - Prof. Mateusz Jagielski (Toruń, Polska)
  • „Third” space endoscopy - Dr hab. Michał Spychalski (Brzeziny, Polska)
  • AI in endoscopy – the presence and the future. - Prof. Mirosław Szura (Kraków, Polska)
VIII Sesja MIStechniques in colorectal surgery - Saturday

  • Optimal robotic or laparoscopic rectal surgery – pros & cons. -Prof. Andrzej Budzyński (Kraków, Polska)
  • Robotic or laparoscopic liver metastases resection in colorectal cancer. - Prof. Benedetto Ielpo (Barcelona, Spain)
  • Robotic low anterior resection – Prof. Marek Zawadzki (WSSK Wrocław, Polska)
  • Robotic colectomy CME -Dr med. Andrzej Kwiatkowski (Warszawa, Polska)
IX Sesja MIS techniques in benign esophageal diseases 

  • Challenges in understanding and proper application of antireflux surgery in patients with GERD. -Prof. Grzegorz Wallner
  • What next after failure primary antireflux surgery? – Prof. Karl-Herman Fuchs (Germany)
  • Prof. Michał Kamiński (NIO Warszwa, Polska)
  • POEM for achalasia – Polish experience and follow-up. – Dr hab. Michał Spychalski (Brzeziny, Polska)
X Sesja varia

  • Extra hiatal diaphragmatic hernias. Prof. Andrzej Budzyński (Kraków, Polska)
  • MALS and superior mesenteric artery syndrome surgery. -Dr med. Michał Solecki (Lublin, Polska)
  • Usefulness of contrast ultrasonography in modern surgery. -Dr med. Justyna Wyroślak-Najs (Lublin, Polska)
  • Endoscopic cholangio-jejuno anastomosis. -Prof. Mateusz Jagielski, prof. UMK (Toruń, Polska)

ATTENTION! We reserve the possibility to modify the Congress program


It is the first event of this type in Central and Eastern Europe.

We kindly invite you to the fourth edition of the Congress.


Congress date:

September 26nd-28th, 2024

Congress venue:



Main Organizer:

Feliks Skubiszewski Foundation for the Advancement of Surgery

ul. Stanisława Staszica 16, 20-081 Lublin


Czelej Publishing Company

ul. Skrajna 12-14, 20-802 Lublin


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